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Monday Evening Exercises & Improvisational Scene Work Build Character • Touch photo for more

Broken At Night

• 7/17/17 • Night Time In Broken, Alaska Improvisational Scene Work • It's never pitch black in Broken. We've new inhabitants in town. Everyone has secrets. Can we trust Brett Brickman who offers to build the town's new hotel, The Hideaway? You fit in! Come find out...

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I Have A Confession…

• JULY 10th • Discoveries at the Churnagosque July/Aug Improvisational Scene Work • Playing In Broken, Alaska • The small port town of Broken, Alaska is the perfect place to explore relationships. Mysteries abound and confessions unfold. We continue to find out  what...

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The Twisted Dingy Beckons

Improvisational Scene Work Playing In "Broken, Alaska" • JULY 3rd • Character & Relationships • JULY & AUG we continue to explore all the levels of humanity in the relationships between the townsfolk of "Broken, Alaska". Where do you fit in? Well, it's a port town...

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The First Ten Seconds

Improvisational Acting Workouts • June 19th • Auditions...the first 10 seconds • You are the most valuable component. Auditions are an opportunity to let the casting director see you at your best. The moment you walk through the door it begins. Do you love it or sigh...

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Your Strong Ingredients

June 5th • Improvisational Scene Work • JUNE, the month to let go with free bodies and curious imaginations. This month we focus on the what and how of story spilling out, characters, cold reading, containment, subtext... Stay In the Story With: Present Tense • Keen...

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What’s Your Dilemma?

MONDAY May 29th • Write A Scene On Your Feet • To begin you will choose unrelated, unplanned actions along with some basic character choices. You and your scene partner will then improvise a scene. Hyper listening and seeing > reacting > relationship and story gets...

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Make Movement Matter

Monday May 22nd • Whole Body Listening & Reacting • Navigate in your improvised scenes with emphasis on your physicality to follow your impulses. You will work with gaps of silence and music to fuel your behavior while engaging with your scene partner(s) and all...

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Can you read my mind?

MONDAY May 15th Emotions Come and Go • We will work improvised scenes where you get engaged with your environment, objects, and others and practice uncorking and corking those pesky emotions. Containment, what's that? Meryl Streep says, "My job is usually to express...

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Think Outside The Box

MAY 1ST IMPROVISED SCENE WORK Where Imagination Rules • What scene have you never dared to do? Think outside your box. Bring a who what & where... or pull it out of the hat to experience some magic! “You put your energy, your thought, your imagination, your spirit...

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Emotional Truth vs. EMOTING

APRIL is for AHA! Monday April 3rd Seattle Improvisational Scene Work • AHA: Expression of discovery or realization • [button link=""...

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That Felt Good

MONDAY MARCH 20th • IMPROVISATIONAL SCENE WORK • Seattle MOMENTUM: the strength or force that something has when it is moving • [button link="!%20March%2020th!"...

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Kay LaVergne Jaz

Kay LaVergne Jaz


Improvisational Acting Workshops

No matter what we “do” it’s all based on 100% commitment with …”active listening and breath awareness”.

Some of the themes we emphasize:

  • Mining Emotional Truth
  • Character Outing
  • Narrative 
  • Specificity Exercises



Phinney Sandbox
6701 Greenwood Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103
Across from Red Mill Burgers
7 – 10 pm
$20 cash or check
up to 12 max
Free street

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