MONDAY FEBRUARY 20TH • Seattle Improvisational Scene Work •
give in to, give way to, agree to, consent to, go along with, allow, surrender, give up the struggle… •
We’re talkin’ moments here. Moment to moment to moment. Present to the presence of scene partner(s), environment and yourself. •
In the doing of said intent, all sorts of wonderfulness makes an appearance. Works pretty good in life, too.
I want in FEB 20th!
Exercise and Scene work

Heightened awareness
Story stuff at your fingertips
Emotional surprises

I believe in you.
Exploring a new or old role? Bring it. We’re here for you to make discoveries.

Phinney Sandbox
6701 Greenwood Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103
Across from Red Mill Burgers
Date & Time:    
Monday FEB 20th
7 – 10 pm
$20 cash or check
Class Size:
up to 12 max
Free street
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