Different Drummers Now In Seattle


 I've been hearing the buzz for a while about the film Different Drummers. Mostly cause Seattle-ite Lisa Coronado (friend and fellow actor) is one of the stars in it. Until today it was just nice sounding family movie about the friendship of two Spokane boys in the 60's. Then I did some research. It started as real life. Decades later an Amazon best selling book. Now re-born on the big screen. Award-winning. Did I mention it's PG? Visit the book website and meet the mom whose boy at 4 announced that God talked to him. Say what? It's showing NOW...March 14th it starts showing in Seattle at Southcenter AMC 16 and in March 21st at AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16. Enough words. Watch the trailer and then GO. I am.

The Croods When You Need Some Class


Even though there are plenty of wonderful animated films out there, I find I resist unless it comes highly recommended. This particular night my husband said, "Trust me." Ta Da!

You can't go wrong with voices like these:

Emma Stone - Eep
Nicolas Cage - Croog
Ryan Reynolds - Guy
Clark Duke - Thunk
Catherine Keener - Ugga
Randy Thom - Baby Sandy
Cloris Leechman - Grandma

Desert gives way to vibrant colors. Characters are strong.
Discovery and surprise. 

Here's some the stuff I remember.

Another SnowGlobed Evening ! ! !


Playing in Progress is delighting us again with SnowGlobed

Third year in a row...

Friday, December 20th 2013 at West of Lenin Theater in Fremont.

I have the priveldge of performimg with a fistful of Seattle actors. The SnowGlobed Ensemble; Shane Regan, Sharon Barto, Pilar O'Connell, Raymond Williams, Katie McClain, Meaghan Halverson & Brandon Ryan.

Join us for some Holiday Scenes and Spectacular Spectacular! The local playwrights Ben McFadden, Emily Conbere, Michael Blaylock, Abby Carter & Courtney Meaker give us 5 new Holiday Inspired Plays! 

Directed by Rachel Delmar

In addition to these there will be 3 pieces by invited artists Norah Elges, Machelle Allman & writer/director team Keiko Green & Catherine Blake Smith.

And if that's not enough there's eats, drinks, raffle prizes, and more... Let It Snow!

Online Tickets $11 from Brown Paper Tickets 

At the Door $15


"Hunting Dinosaurs" at the Seattle Fringe Festival


Okay, it's tonight and I haven't seen it yet. So with another's words I will entice you to attend "Hunting Dinosaurs" at the Seattle Fringe Festival (Thursday  9/18 - Sunday 9/22). Sarah Stillion is a longtime friend and colleague who has written a play about autism. Her son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder five years ago.

Jerry Kraft of SeattleActor.com says " “Hunting Dinosaurs” is a play about autism. It stands apart from every other play I’ve seen so far in the festival and entirely for good reasons. Sarah Stillion  is an accomplished playwright and her play is both meticulously crafted and astutely, passionately observed. “Hunting Dinosaurs” begins with a conceit that we are at a paleontology lecture and the mysterious, sometimes frightening creatures we seek to uncover are those autistic children around us, often unnoticed, every day."

Writer: Sarah Stillion
Director: Jane Ryan
Sound Designer:  Lindsey Morck
Dramaturg: Cara Anderson-Ahrens
Cast: 11 Seattle Actors