Wake Up Your Work provides Improvisation/Acting workshops that build your confidence, talk you down from the ledge of self-doubt, and prove your internal critics are full of crap.

Improvisation is a Conversation of Possibilities

We all use routines and “safe” behavior to get through the day. These little acts form armor which is difficult to take off. Improvisation gives you tools to strip this stuff away.

Improvisation Can Be Learned

Approach improvisation as a skill and one you can learn. Each technique is an important puzzle piece of the new you.

Kay LaVergne Jaz Teaches Improvisation

Kay coaches film actors, stage actors, writers, directors, and professional people how to be present and authentic. Sure there is more, but they are flavors of frosting on the cupcake that is you.

Improvisation is Fun

Yes fun! And challenging! And scary! And life-changing!

Improvisation Builds Connections - Between You and Everything Else



Live Die Repeat

Improvisation is experiential and my teaching is based on a deep body of knowledge and diverse study both on stage and off. Get over it!


You are enough

The odd place you feel yourself to be in might be remarkable to see. Yes the right now you.

Yet it is not about you

You spend all this time learning “You are enough.” And the next lesson is: “It is not about you.” Wha? Come find out!