JANUARY 9TH  MONDAY IMPROVISATIONAL ACTING WORKSHOPS RESUME • Transformation: the act or process of changing •  
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As you exchange communications with your scene partner(s) with your physicality and words, you want to have it count.
The part that can make or break a scene is your openness to go where it’s uncomfortable.

Workshop Takeaways:
New Freedom working with emotions
Strong Scene Starter Practice
Break Through Reaction Barriers

“Truly listening and being affected by what you hear propels you forward to all of your next moments and adds to the peeling of the onion of your character.” – Larry Moss


Phinney Sandbox
6701 Greenwood Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103
Across from Red Mill Burgers
Date & Time:    
Monday JAN 9th
7 – 10 pm
$20 cash or check
Class Size:
up to 12 max
Free street

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