June 24th 2019 is our last workout
at Phinney Sandbox.
Yep. The winds have shifted.

This is the 16th year for Wake Up Your Work. I’ve met so many of you playing together in Steven Anderson’s Actorswork, in Gary Austin’s Seattle Workshops, or on a film set somewhere… No matter if it has been one time or countless workouts…the unique you in the equation has made all the difference. It’s an honor to call you friends and co-conspirators in this artistic endeavor of our actor’s work.

This July 1, 2019 our adventure continues…
The Jazman (photographer extraordinaire) and I start a sabbatical exploring new worlds in our vintage 1988 AIRSTREAM motorhome (Say wha? Yeah, our dream is for it GETTING CURRENT. That translates to converting our silver bullet to 100% electric and solar…ask us, Jerry will fill you in.)

Along the way I’ll continue acting and teaching because it oozes out of my pores and Jerry will finish his book(s)…we’ll be documenting our journey as we go. Please make two grown humans ecstatic and follow us on all our media. (we’ll let you know about that when we’re up and running).

Our beloved family and community are here in the Pacific NW
so we won’t be strangers.
Don’t you be a stranger, either.

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