DECEMBER 5th • Monday Improvisational Scene Work •
REVEAL: Cause or allow (something) to be seen

  • What are you holding back in your work?
  • What do you want to tackle?
  • Think you are too old, too young, too “not something” ?
  • What’s the difference between “emoting” and being available to all your emotions?

Yes! I want in!  

We’ll explore all these things by doing. The “who” you are will play within the confines only of a where, and the “what” that emerges in your unfolding story agreements.

Let’s light up those scary places and make magic together!

Exercise and Scene work
“Yes” your no’s
Slay second guessing
Secrets empower you

“What I find really interesting is to try and mix it up, to push myself and try different things. I don’t want to stay in my comfort zone. I want to take risks and keep myself scared.” ~ Michael Fassbender

I believe in you.
You can do this.
Writing? Cast in a role? Bring what you are working on. We always make it work.

Phinney Sandbox
6701 Greenwood Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103
Across from Red Mill Burgers
Date & Time:    
Monday DEC 5th
7 – 10 pm
$20 cash or check
Class Size:
up to 12 max
Free street
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