The long hot summer morphed into a lovely fall. Film work kept me away in many acting adventures.

An out of town summer intensive found me privileged to teach improvisational acting to a passel of ballet students who love to speak with their bodies but were shy to speak to each other. It wasn’t long before they were begging for more scenes. I learned a lot, too!
August rolled around and all but our Los Angeles VOWS (aka 7 witches) actors got to play together again for a couple days for film pickups (miss you Megan, Persephone, and Danika). I met my character’s mini me and a whole bunch of extra’s that wielded wicked fighting implements. Cats, horses and chickens kept us highly entertained. And then it was the last August 88 degree day when director Brady Hall shot my character, Elizabeth, making friends with Puget Sound sea creatures.

A few commercial auditions here and there and even a call back. Then a feature film audition with a call back in the middle of a coaching gig on Vashon Island. After that I experienced my first tv audition for Z nation which was exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Public transit makes for interesting meet-ups. In Chraci Littlejohn’s NEVERMIND THE KNIFE, a local independent thriller, I made a bus stop encounter impression as “elder woman” who chats up the lead, Kim Green.

Last but not least I auditioned for two roles in the feature comedy SECOND NATURE(now The Gender Card Flip). I missed the first round so was at call-backs. I gave it my best but left entertaining those negative voices that pick apart the soul. What a treat 4 days later to be offered the role of Ruth Banks. A wonderful experience to work on Michael Cross’ film and get to meet and work with so many Seattle actors (Carolyn, Carollani, BenBrandonAngela, Elijah, Riley, Aaron, Amber, Angela… ) and new faces (Cosondra, Edward…).

Michael was open to on-the-spot improvisations happening with the script. It was fun to see Sam Huntington and Collette Wolfe in scenes where they ‘made it their own’.

I’m an over do-er that many times overwhelms my be-ing…I find myself with never ending opportunities to trip and fall down a rabbit hole when my destination was door #1. Besides the psychological fallout my physical being sometimes gets beat up. (A sprained ankle can slow a person down in a good way). My go-to-support people help in all ways wonderful.
So when life feels like it’s swallowing you up, breath, take in some beauty and hug someone. Not necessarily in that order.

Hope the Holidays keep you and your soul well fed with friends and family.

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