Brandon Marino, Lisa LeVan

Sketch comedy is fun to watch when it is done well. There are many schools that teach Improv 101 to 104. But for film or theatre actors who want to learn how they can be more compelling while following their impulses, then improvisational scenework is the path.

Wake Up Your Work offers a safe place to find what works and what doesn’t. It’s an environment where you the actor explore breath, awareness, and joy as it relates to your craft and art.

Enjoy some snaps of actors who took us there with their stories. From a late-in-life-sister-adoption-reveal to an if-you-love-me-you-will-euthanize-me scene.



Wonder Russell  Carol Sparer


Lisa LeVan               Rick Walters 


Emphasis this month is the listening breath.     Recommended Reading – Breathing, Awareness and Joy by Carol Fox Prescott

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