• JULY 24th •
Once you step foot on shore, you won’t want to leave.
Improvised Scene Work •

Broken People:
Did Burt learn to sketch portraits in Norfolk or London?
Mark can materialize any book you want from Brook’s Books and Things.
Gizelle Van Voderhosen swept in off the boat last week.
Mysterious capable Sydney is a true red head.
April-May never gets carded.
Brick’s silence speaks louder than his money.
Father Francis O’Bean makes love his point.
Anehkah’s fetish with drawers finds company.
Vinnie keeps his tender side under raps.
Will Rose notice her fruit has been handled while she’s been away?
Heather is a piece of work.
Samantha’s thesis research will take forever.
Violet paints her way into a corner.
Radio DJ Mandy makes 2am bearable.
Jim fights fires, wears the badge, saves kittens
The mayor’s been gone too long.
Why is Broken’s pop. never more than 71?
More importantly, what happened to the dogs?

I want in July 24th!

You fit in! Come find out where.
The cruise ship docks weekly.
You may want to stay a while.

You know you want to!
Working on a role? Bring he/she/they…

“Comedy is created when someone is trying very earnestly to do what he feels is the right thing to do at that moment.” ~ Madeline Kahn

We start with a place. You (your character) will take a moment to know your self image & sense of morality.
Your point of view will guide you as you try to get what you want.

There is a friend to whom you confide, or want to. Will you?

Character Sustainability
Ensemble Work
Relationship Reveals
Subtext Practice
Story Mile Markers

Phinney Sandbox
6701 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98104
West of Red Mill Burgers
West of Greenwood
Monday JULY 24th
7-10 PM
COST – $20
Cash or Check
up to 10
Free Street

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