Get your Gold Balls going.

80 -95 year olds doing what? Yep, playing tennis for the gold ball award.

This documentary film is like a fly on the wall following John, George, Bob, Ron, and Marcus follow the ball as they follow their passion.

It was Kickstarter Project of the Day in April. May 4th 12am as the deadline. THEY DID IT. Watch for this fim in 2015!!!

You will hear Tom Skerritt’s familiar voice on the trailer.

Some familiar names and faces. Friends Amy and Heather gather with a great team.

Kate Dandel (Director/Producer)

Eric Frith (Editor)

Nathan Miller (Director Of Photography)

Susan LaSalle (Consulting Producer)

Ken White (Associate Producer)

Heather Pilder Olson (Associate Producer)

Amy Sedgwick (Associate Producer)

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