Okay, it’s tonight and I haven’t seen it yet. So with another’s words I will entice you to attend “Hunting Dinosaurs” at the Seattle Fringe Festival (Thursday  9/18 – Sunday 9/22). Sarah Stillion is a longtime friend and colleague who has written a play about autism. Her son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder five years ago.

Jerry Kraft of SeattleActor.com says ” “Hunting Dinosaurs” is a play about autism. It stands apart from every other play I’ve seen so far in the festival and entirely for good reasons. Sarah Stillion is an accomplished playwright and her play is both meticulously crafted and astutely, passionately observed. “Hunting Dinosaurs” begins with a conceit that we are at a paleontology lecture and the mysterious, sometimes frightening creatures we seek to uncover are those autistic children around us, often unnoticed, every day.”

Writer: Sarah Stillion

Director: Jane Ryan

Sound Designer:  Lindsey Morck

Dramaturg: Cara Anderson-Ahrens

Cast: 11 Seattle Actors

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