Monday Sept 19th 2016 
Workshop Exercises and Improvisational Scene Work:
What gets in the way of us being free in our work? Lot’s of things. Judgement is the big one. As we continue to explore CHARACTER, with specific points of view, we will look at how to hush up our internal jury. A jury’s job is after the fact not in the moment.
Polite is always left at the door.
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JUDGEMENT  /ˈjəjmənt /
an opinion or conclusion.
synonyms:    assessment, evaluation, appraisal; review, analysis, criticism, critique

Join us to enjoy these take-aways:
Character Transformation
Surprise the audience & yourself
Get of jail free card

“I don’t like improv at all. It terrifies me. I like to know exactly what I’m going to say. Being surprised does make me a better actor. Anytime I’m afraid of something that makes me rise to the occasion, it scares me, but it’s what makes great actors – being in the moment.” – Jesse Tyler Ferguson 

Writing? Cast in a role? Bring what you are working on.

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