LA Embraces Sundance’s Independent Film with a NEXT WEEKEND

Rotten Tomatoes is a good barometer for movies. You know there’s something worth seeing when the critics give a 93%. 15 reviewers  agree you should see this film. It’s worth the go. The movie? “This is Martin Bonner” written and directed by Chad Hardigan. It won the best of NEXT at Sundance this year.

Watch the trailer.

I am immediately drawn in by Paul Eenhoorn as Martin, ex-church manager, and Richmond Arquette as Travis, the ex-con just released from prison. I am a fly on their wall of life.  Martin’s new job as a volunteer in a prison transitional program eventually  connects him as mentor to Travis. This journey of two men who find friendship in the midst of each searching for meaning in everyday life is both raw and full poetry. Authentic characters and situations with no pat answers. Honest questions with not so many answers. A redemption movie where faith and worldly realities collide. I come away full.

This is also the year, August 8-11 to be exact, that Los Angeles will embrace these films that don’t quite fit into the same-o same-o Hollywood mold. Yup. Sundance is throwing their first NEXT WEEKEND in LA. 10 shorts. 10 features.

Still time to get your tickets.

Here’s 3 shorts of the 10 to wet your appetite.

Independent Film. Where good meets innovative and interesting. Move over big studios. We know what we like.

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