Who doesn’t love to spend a chilly February weekend with great peeps on the WA coast? Heather Pilder Olson, writer and producer, led the pack. What started out as a filmmakers prank ended up on the screen. Amy Sedgwick, a producer,writer and actor put together our stellar cast and crew. 

Haunted Wharf: Ethel and the Merman tells the story of three women going to the beach for their annual weekend getaway. Things get interesting when they encounter the ghost of Ethel Merman (hellooo, Amy), and her companion Fernando, a merman played by Jerry Jaz.

Telisa Steen, Heather and yours truly play the friends who find a way  to celebrate life no matter what. Chris McElroy (DP) created all the story in pictures, Becki Chandler (production design) made us shine,  John Sodt (sound) caught every nuanced noise.  Jerry Jaz splash-splashed his merman fins when he wasn’t BTS photographer-ing.  Bradley Hawkins made the beautiful music as the film creeped along…

One day soon everyone will get to enjoy this short film but for now it’s haunting the film festival circuit. 


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