NOVEMBER 28th 2016 • Monday Improvisational Acting •
QUEST: verb • a journey to find something
On this journey you will:
• Collaborate, choose who you are, where you are, and for what you are searching •
• Travel on the road that sets you apart •
• “Seek the joy of your own experience” discover where this leads •
• Play well with others •
RSVP here to let me know you want a space on NOV 28th!

Exercise and Scene work
Accepting and building on offers
Strong emotional connections

I “still” believe in you.
You can do this.

Writing? Cast in a role? Bring what you are working on. We always make it work.


Phinney Sandbox
6701 Greenwood Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103
Across from Red Mill Burgers
Date & Time:    
Monday NOV 28th
7 – 10 pm
$20 cash or check
Class Size:
up to 12 max
Free street
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