It’s taken me more years than I’d care to say to embrace the process part of my life instead of just standing at the helm with hand to forehead squinting at the horizon.

Being a part of Revelation, along with the talented and inspiring Jessica Martin, Jillian Boshart, Lisa LeVan, Bridget O’Neill, and Lisa Coronado, has been a wonderful process-oriented journey from it’s inception. And it continues…

You are invited to join us in Seattle for the premiere of these six art films, directed by Wonder Russel. ¬†“Six short, wordless films generated with physical movement, exploring the moment of epiphany, from the perspective of six actresses”.

Help us celebrate and enjoy live music, live theatre and our films as one of Seattle’s Art’s Crush Featured Events. A gallery event will display local artist’s work inspired by each of our stories.

Free to the Public
Suggested Age 21+

Wednesday, October 17th 2012
7-10pm at Seattle’s Teatro ZinZani

Wonder Russel and cast are interviewed by Ziggy at Doom Cheez Cinema.
More who’s:

DP, Ty Migota
Music composed by Catherine Grealish 

Recording & Mixing by Jon Goff
Editor/Consulting producer, Lindy and Kris BoustedtMakeup, Kari Baumann

Rehearsal Conspirators, Lyam White, Gabrielle Schutz  

Properties, The Gore Sisters, Cherelle Ashby & Jonelle Cornwell

Photographer: Dawndra Budd
More Crew: Nick Davis

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