SECOND NATURE (Official Movie Trailer) from Cross Films Studios on Vimeo.

2016/2017. Political upheaval like we’ve never seen before.

As I’ve said before I love me a good indie film! SECOND NATURE is that and more. Co-written and directed by Michael Cross it presents a humorous look on some of the issues we’re facing today. Premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival just a few days after the Presidential election.

I had the privilege to play, Ruth Banks, a member of the city council in one world, and City Manger in the flipped world where women have always ruled. “What would happen if a man and a woman campaigned against each other in a world where women experience traditionally male privilege?”

Things get interesting in SECOND NATURE’S town hall meeting…

Collette Wolfe and Sam Huntington star in this thought-provoking funny film. It  co-stars Carollani Sandberg, Carolyn Cox, and Riley Shanahan with many other NW film actors.

Not too many magic mirrors to be had right now. Guess we’ll have to keep making our voices heard and stand up for those whose voices can’t/won’t be heard.

Nat Jones (Carollani Sandberg)  and Ruth Banks (Kay LaVergne Jaz)

SECOND NATURE has inked a distribution deal BUT we need marketing budget to make the film available to the widest audience. Thank you for your help in getting this seen!


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