Even though there are plenty of wonderful animated films out there, I find I resist unless it comes highly recommended. This particular night my husband said, “Trust me.” Ta Da!

You can’t go wrong with voices like these:

Emma Stone – Eep

Nicolas Cage – Croog

Ryan Reynolds – Guy

Clark Duke – Thunk

Catherine Keener – Ugga

Randy Thom – Baby Sandy

Cloris Leechman – Grandma

Desert gives way to vibrant colors. Characters are strong.

Discovery and surprise.

Here’s some the stuff I remember.

If any of it resonates with you, rent or Netflix it.

“The cave is what keeps you alive. Never not be afraid.

Worry with my head in that cave is death…Go for the sun!

Boom. The sun is gone.

Wait there’s light leaking through the ashes.

No more dark. No more hiding. No more caves.

Living is not just not dying. Whats the point of all this? To follow the light.

I can’t change but I have my strength.

It’s too risky. We have to take that chance. Never be afraid.”

One of my favorite moments:

Thunk is getting the hang of life beyond the cave. He is playing with his new “pet” who he has named Douglas. A creature with a dog type head and skunk body who loves to play catch. Soon Thunk is thinking beyond his caveman thoughts to a new idea…”Roll over!” and Douglas obediently rolls… Right off the cliff. oops.

A perfect example of an what an arbitrary choice can do. Surprise the audience. A laugh or a gasp.

Danger drove the Crood family to new discoveries. They figured out how to make things work.

Their “Uh oh’s” transformed to “Ah ha’s” when they came out of the cave…

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