Real life experiences – acting with invisible environment, objects, and dragons.

“For her part, Maisie Williams says she’s grateful the show works so hard to make physical sets, like last year’s Hall of Faces. (Some of it was CGI, but the close up set existed, so that the actors had a very good idea of what the rest would look like.) “Particularly when you’re trying to work with someone else, as you’re both imagining something totally different – neither of you are imagining exactly what they’re going to put there.”

They’re like ‘look out to the castle’ and you just think ‘well, how far away is it? Is it right here?’ and although you can ask all of those questions it never looks right. You watch it back and you think ‘I can tell I’m looking at a green screen’, even though for an audience member it may not register.”

Source: The Game of Thrones Cast on Acting With CGI

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