This last week was a very good week for a friend, Paul Eenhoorn. I don’t remember the first time I met him…2005 or 2006. He becomes a fixture in my improvisation workshops here in Seattle. I do remember asking why he wanted to be there. “To get loose, to learn to stay out of my head.” He admitted he really didn’t like improvising scenes. But he stuck with it.

Paul has a quiet, powerful presence on camera. He brings his characters to life by stepping into the circumstances, unzipping and allowing us to see into his soul. Thank you for not giving up on your passion.

At Sundance Film Festival “This Is Martin Bonner” directed by Chad Hartigan won the audience award: Best of NEXT.  Paul Eenhoorn stars as Martin Bonner. Congratulations, Paul.

Paul and his journey is a compelling read. Take your pick where to go.


Entertainment Weekly



More about Writer Director Chad Hartigan, cast, crew and more…

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Chad Hartigan, Sam Buchanan, Richmond Arquette, Demetrius Grosse, Paul Eenhoorn © Getty Images

Here’s to many more great weeks like this.

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