So….you know, auditions, a web-series supporting role, rejections, new students, encouragements, loss, love and life in all its manifestations in-between. Always an improvisation.

Writer/Director Michael Cross’ SECOND NATURE theatrical premiere was at Ark Lodge Cinemas in September. With Nicholas Gyeney on board as producer. Held over cause of the crazy crowds of interest. Now can be had on iTunes, Amazon and Google play.

A wonderful cast with Collette Wolf and Sam Huntington. Local Seattle actors Carollani Sandberg, Carolyn Cox, Riley Shanahan and more that wowed.  Edi Zanidache and J.C. Ford on board writers… and a crew extraordinaire.
I play Ruth Banks. First world just a member of the city council, mild mannered. In the “mirrored” world where women rule the roost, I am City Manager who thinks she’s got the mayoral candidate in her pocket. A film set where condensed time makes for some fun bonding.


This is a comedy that starts conversations. Take a gander. Be the change. A relevant, funny, heartfelt film that turns you on your head.
SECOND NATURE review by Film Inquiry
• Lighting, cinematography and score all came together to create an enjoyable date night comedy. Laugh out loud funny!”

SECOND NATURE review by Inquisitr
With a delightful performance from Collette Wolfe, solid writing, and an endearing story, Second Nature is one of the funniest independent movies of 2017.”

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