“Wyatt is a lonely wacky inflatable tube man who pines for a better job, a better life, and a chance at finding love. One day Wyatt quits his job, and sets out to chase his dreams, and the first order of business is finding a new career.┬áHe applies for a series of jobs…”

The first Kickstarter round was a success.

“What we’ve accomplished looks so great that we want to take our production values to the next level…

so we need to raise some more money for a composer for an original score; a sound engineer, Foley artist, and a few other things. Now we need to ask our supporters to dig a little bit deeper and help us make Wyatt Steps Out even better! ” – Team Wyatt (Chris, Amy, Heather, Brian)

Round two, a success!

PS Catch a glimpse of me in purple and popcorn at 2:53

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